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How to Install Standard Climate Chambers [3/4]

LENPUER Climate Chambers Power Supply Installation

3Phase 5 wires is widely used of our standard climate chambers. Of course, power supply can be customized according to local electricity.
Let’s back to Power supply Installation.

Usually the Null line covered by blue coat and marked with ‘N’ label .
The Climate Chamber should be Connected with the Null line ,otherwise,it will not be started up or damaged.
The Earth Line covered by yellow and green line,marked with ‘PE’ label.
The Climate Chamber should be Connected with the earth line,otherwise,earth leakage protection function is unavailable.
The other three wires marked with ‘R’,‘S’,‘T’ Label,which is very easy to be recognized.
LENPUER Climate Chambers Installation-Notices for Wiring
1. The power assembly should be operated by professional electrician;

2. Make sure that the capacitance of the main switch conforms to the requirements of the Climate Chamber;

3. Other electrical equipment cannot share one main switch with this equipment power in case of other equipment in the short circuit that impacts the normal use of the Climate Test Chamber;

4. During running, the three-phase current of the Climate Chamber may be unbalanced and the larger current may also go through the null line, therefore, the diameter of the null line should be approximately equal to that of the phase line.

5. Please reliably connect the earth line (yellow/green line) of the Climate Test Chamber to the earth terminal so that the earth leakage circuit breaker can cut off the main power when there is leakage so as to prevent the personnel from electric shock;

6. The earth line cannot be connected to the neutral line of the power supply;

7. The earth line of this equipment cannot be shared with other devices;

8. The earth line cannot be connected to the gas pipe or water pipe.

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