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Several Test methods for cyclic salt spray corrosion test chamber

Cyclic salt spray corrosion test chamber can satisfy the salt spray corrosion, humidity (high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity), dry (hot dry, air dry) and so on. It is widely used in the detection of electronic, electrical and automotive, motorcycle, hardware tools, parts, metal materials and products plating, coating and other industries.
Test method for compound salt spray test box:   

a、Neutral Salt Fog Test
Test room temperature:35℃±2℃
Air Saturator:47℃±2℃ 

b、Low Temperature test
According to the test standard requirements

c、moisture test
Test room temperature:40℃±2℃
Relative humidity: 90%~95%R.H(The equipment can meet the set temperature to 60 ℃ and the relative humidity to 98 R. H)
Heating is an internal tank type heating and humidification mode, the temperature and humidity distribution is uniform. 
Saturated air barrel with automatic replenishment, continuous spraying about 20 hours after the start of replenishment, After 1-2 minutes, the water supply ends and the spray continues.   

d、Drying test

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