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Requirements of Air Compressor for Salt Water spray test Machine

Salt water spray testing machine is used to simulate the corrosion resistance of marine climate detection products. Air compressor is necessary accessory of Salt Water spray test Machine and it is provided by customers. Please reference below summarize and help you to choice the air compressors and requirements of air compressors:
Salt water spray testing machine can be divided into three categories according to its working principle: volume type, power type (speed type or turbine type), thermal compressor.
A.    According to the lubrication method: it can be divided into oil free air compressor and oil lubricated air compressor.
B.     According to the performance can be divided into: low noise, frequency conversion, explosion-proof and other air compressors.
C.     According to the type can be divided into: fixed, mobile, closed.
D.    Salt water spray testing machine is required to air compressor pressure range of 1: 0.4-0.6Mpa / 4-6KG),  air flow: ≧ 0.12 m3/min