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Technical parameters of cyclic salt spray corrosion test chamber

Performance index

1、Temperature Range:35℃~65℃
2、Temperature fluctuation :±2℃
3、Temperature deviation:±2.0℃
4、Salt Fog Fall-out Rate:1~2ml/80cm2•h
5、Temperature of salt solution in chamber:15℃-70℃(adjustable)
6、Salt solution concentration:5±0.5%
7、Spray Method:Continuous or intermittent
8、Settlement direction of salt solution:Free settling
9、Humidity Range:30%-98% (adjustable) R•H Display only measured values
10、Internal size (mm) :600(D)*900(W)*500(H)
11、External size(mm) :960(D)*1460(W)*1150(H)
Main structural characteristics

1、Outer surface material:Imported PP
2、Inner material: Imported PP
3、Load-bearing of chamber bottom :≥100KG
4、Observation window:Transparent observation window
5、Top Structure:An inverted V-shaped structure (about 120 °angle) can effectively prevent the salt solution dripping onto the specimen surface.
6、Spray heater:There is heater at the bottom of chamber, protected by an adjustable fault/safety thermostat.

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