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Performance comparison of three ozone probes for ozone aging test chamber

Lenpure Ozone Aging Test Chamber Can be used to test rubber products with static tensile deformation, such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulating bush; expose the test specimens to the sealed air in the test chamber without light and with constant ozone concentration and constant temperature according to predetermined time, and then observe the cracks on test specimens’ surface and the degree of change of other properties to evaluate the rubber’s ozone aging resistance properties
The ozone aging test chamber has three types of ozone probes, namely electrochemical ozone probe, ultraviolet probe, and gas sensitive semiconductor ozone probe, .
Compared with the three probes, the electrochemical probe has the fastest reaction speed, easy use,simple manufacturing process and convenient installation.
The ultraviolet probe has the slowest response speed, the most complicated manufacturing process, and is bulky, which is not very convenient to install. However, the concentration accuracy of this probe can be used in a wide range of areas.
The Gas-sensitive semiconductor probes are generally accurate. In terms of service life, UV probes are dominant, life expectancy is generally about three years, and the other two are about one to two years.