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Xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber

Simulate real weather environment ▪ open bright future

Xenon-lamp Weathering Test Chamber Introduce the xenon lamp of full solar spectrum to simulate the destructive light wave existing in different environment to provide corresponding environment simulation and acceleration test for scientific research, product development and quality control.

High resolution touch screen▪wonderful human-machine interface▪ high stability
Introduce 5.7” color touch screen of Taiwan Weilun and PLC module controller of Germany Siemens with automatic handwritten function, intuitionistic operation interface, graceful, elegant appearance and convenient and easy operation.
High performance/price ration ▪ easy to install ▪ user-friendliness
Air-cooled lamp imported from America
Made upon great ideas▪ which has been kept since the very beginning
rain and dew, to be specific, imitating sunshine through xenon lamp and rain and dew through moisture and condensate water. The test specimen shall be put in an environment with alternating and circulating sunshine and damp, so that the damage that may appear outside within several months or years can appear inside within several days or week

ISO9001:2000 Certified

ISO14001:2004 Certified

Complied Standards:GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and

                                    corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards



Dimension of Working Room (mm)


Overall Dimension(mm)


Temperature range


Humidity range


Raining time

1~9999H59M (adjustable for continuous rain)

Raining period

1~240min (adjustable for discontinuous rain)

Spectral wavelength


Lamp power

6 KW

Temperature Controller

Imported weinview color touch screen (Taiwan) and Siemens PLC control module (German)

Accuracy range

Setting accuracy: Temperature 0.1℃、 Humidity 1%RH,

Indication accuracy: Temperature 0.1℃、 Humidity 1%RH

The technical information will be subjected to change without notice

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