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Photovoltaic module UV aging  test chamber

PV module applicable ▪ Creative design ▪ Great outfit

Photovoltaic module UV aging chamber is mainly applied in the environment where (specimen) photovoltaic modules are exposed to UV irradiation. It is for testing the modules UV resistance capability. This product is suitable for assessing the UV resistance ability of persistence composite materials and protective materials.

Professional air ventilation▪ High damp heat uniformity ▪ Adjustable sample rack
On base of our professional field experience, the air circulation system is very well designed, so that it is able to achieve high uniformity of internal temperature and humidity.
EU, US made light source ▪ Japan made controller ▪ Advanced technology
The Photovoltaic UV test chamber adpots top class UVA-340 fluorescent UV light as its light source. The light source control is well designed using advanced Dutch UV light technology. By simulating the ultraviolet contained in natural sunlight, performs accelerated weathering test on specimen materials to identify the weahter resistance characteristics of the testing material. In a test, temperture is automatically monitored and controlled. With its illumination meter, it is able to adjust the illumination degree by adjutsting the working vlotage of light tubes through its voltage stabilizer. In the meantime, we can control the test duration as well.
Advance design ▪ good simulation performance
The working room have wind channel interlayer on three walls, equipped with heater and humidifier, circulating fans and other device. On top of the test chamber there are balance exhaust holes to exhaust air in laboratory constantly to keep balance of air concentration in test chamber

ISO9001:2000 Certified

ISO14001:2004 Certified

Complied Standards:GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and

                                    corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards



Workroom Dimensions (cm)


Exterior Dimensions (cm)




Tempertaure Range


Humidity Range


Lamp Spacing


Distance between Sample and Lamp


Quantity of Samples Supported

150mm (L) × 75mm (W), about 40 pcs

UV Wavelength

290nm~400nm UV-A, UV-B, UV-C (Subject to the specifications in order)

Lamp Power


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