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Sulfur dioxide test chamber

Attractive appearance ▪ Easy maintanence and
Scientific design

Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber Evaluate the resistance to corrosion of products by evaluating the resistance to corrosion of materials and protective layer and comparing the technique and quality with that of similar protective layers.

Double gas filter device ▪ Zero pollution and more environmental
Waste gas exhaust fan is centrifugal plastic fan.
Waste gas shall be exhausted outside by blower after filtration through    activated carbon and pure alkali.
elicate appearance ▪ Corrosion resistance and view clean
The entire chamber structure is made of imported reinforced hard PVC plates with smooth and flat surface, and is aging resistant, corrosion proof, and easy to clean without leakage, avoiding the disadvantage of color fading with time of GRP.
made of imported transparent impact-resistant plates, facilitating to observe status of test specimens during test.
Operate easy and Visual display


Display resolution

Temperature: 0.1℃ (display range)

ime: 0.1min


ISO9001:2000 Certified

ISO14001:2004 Certified

Complied Standards:GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and

                                    corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards


Model (CM)

S02 -250

S02 -750

Workroom Dimensions



Exterior Dimensions






Temperature Range


Humidity Range

85~95% R.H

Test Time

0.1~999.9 (S, M, H) adiustable

Gas Density

0.1~1% adjustable

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