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Drop Test Machine


This product is applicable for the outer protection of exterior lighting, signal devices and car lamps.

Chamber Structure

The guiding upright column is made of high-quality square steel pipe sprayed with plastic.
The drip mold is made of hi-quality stainless steel finish plate undergoing knurling.
A level meter is applied to observe the level in the drip mold.
A sample table with rotate speed adjustable is available.

Control System

Adjusts pressure with flowmeter.
Adopts imported frequency converter to control rotation speed in order to ensure the test can be conducted as per the applied standards.
A water filter is equipped.

Standards Applied

GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942


Model (mm)


Workroom D×W×H

800×1000( standard)

Drip Mold Height




Drip Aperture


Test Bench


Test Bench Angle

Horizontal center plane to both sides by 45°

Lifting Mode

Track, vertical up and down

Hydraulic Control


Water Supply System

Booster pump

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