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Drug Stability Test Chamber

Ensuring pharmaceutical products quality ▪

reproduce real working environment

Drug Stability Test Chamber It can be used in painstaking research of pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, biological technology industry and other industries related to life science. According to GMP principle, constant and stable test conditions of 25℃/60%RH shall be maintained. In the stability test system field of pharmaceutical industry, the standard of 40℃/75%RH shall remain for 6 months in acceleration test, mainly simulating the temperature, humidity and illumination.

Full color high resolution▪ comfortable to use ▪ built-in remote control
Introduces imported original Japan UNIQUE temperature and humidity controller, 7’’ HD true color LCD touch display to bring you dignity and comfort in touch and vision.
The equipment has powerful network monitoring and control functions, so that you can conduct operation and monitoring through computer real-timely and know the operation situation of the equipment even if you are not near the machine.
Power functionalities ▪general purpose▪ convenient and practicable
Height of sample shelf can be adjusted as required.
8-10 fluorescent lamps are installed on inner wall of the chamber for illumination test.
To protect the service life of the lamp, an additional tempered glass door is installed for the internal working room to separate product and lamp.
High-quality door sealing strips and insulation materials are introduced to enhance the performance of the entire machine.
Shallow slot humidification ▪ specially designed ▪ high efficiency character
Shallow groove humidification method
Humidifier control method: Contact-less equal-period pulse-width modulation, SSR (Solid State Relay)
Water level automatic compensation and water shortage alarming system
Humidity control introduces the same channel coordination control method of P.I.D + S.S.R system.

ISO9001:2000 Certified

ISO14001:2004 Certified

Complied Standards:GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and

                                    corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards


This product is applicable for related researches in such industries as pharmacy, medicine, bio-technology and food etc. According to the WHO principles, 25 ∩/60%RH is the conditions for the long-term stability test.In acceleration test, 40∩/75%RH requires checking the situation for 6 months.This product is applicable for the stability test in pharmacy industry and conducts tests by stimulating the temperature, humidity and illumination of the actual environmental climate.

Chamber Structure

The inner chamber material adopts mirror finish SUS304B plate with the characteristics of acid and corrosion resistance and easy cleaning;
The sample rack can be adjusted upwards or downwards according to actual requirements;
The chamber door is made of a wide angle of view heat insulation vacuum tempered glass so as to facilitate users to inspect the test process of samples;
Adopts high-quality door magnetic strip seal and heat insulation material so as to make the whole chamber performance more superior;
Adopts reasonable air duct circulation system so as to make the temperature and humidity inside the chamber reach the highest evenness;
A test lead hole can be opened on the left of the chamber;
Water supply system:Adopts automatic filling function and standard water pump.

Control System
The temperature and humidity adopts imported LCD touch screen controller and relative temperature and humidity performance can be precisely set and displayed with its resolution reaching 0.1∩/0.1%RH.
Standards Applied
Manufactured as per the Guiding Principle Outline of Pharmacopoeia Articles Stability Test (2005) and related provisions of GB10586-8.
Specs & Technical Parameters


Drug Test Chamber

Comprehensive Drug Test Chamber











Volume/Inner Bladder Dimensions/Outer Bladder Dimensions

150 L



250 L



500 L



Temperature Control Range

0~65ⅹC (without light)

10~65ⅹC (with light)

Temperature Control Fluctuation


Humidity Control Range



Japanese OYO meter

Korean TEMI880 meter

China / 简体中文
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