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Vacuum oven

Attractive appearance ▪ widely ues▪ Safe and reliable

Vacuum Drying Chamber Especially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easy-to-decompose and easy-to-oxidize substances; it is able to inject inert gas internally, in particular, it can even dry the substances with complex ingredients fast. It is widely used in electronic and chemical industries.

High quality materials ▪ Good sealed ▪ Convenient and Practical
Material of outer case The housing is processed and formed with high-quality (t=1.2mm) A3 color plates through CNC machine with surface sprayed with plastics, looking smoother and more artistic;Material of inner case Imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304).
Special structure ▪ Durable and operate easily
The tension of closed chamber door can be adjusted, and integral-formed silicone rubber seal can ensure high vacuum degree inside the chamber.
Door handle: Introduce the door handle without counteraction for easy operation.
High performance ▪ efficiency and speed
Introducing IR Ni-Cr alloy high-speed heating electric heater
Totally independent high-temperature system shall not affect low temperature test, high temperature test and alternating hot and humid test.
The output power of temperature & humidity control shall be calculated by micro computer to achieve electricity use benefits of high precision and high efficiency.

ISO9001:2000 Certified

ISO14001:2004 Certified

Complied Standards:GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and

                                    corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards



The vacuum drying chamber is specially designed for dry, heat sensitive, labile and easily oxidized substances, which can be filled inwards with inert gases; especially some substances with complex ingredients can be rapidly dried.

Specs & Technical Parameters

Model (cm)



Workroom Dimensions



Exterior Dimensions






Tempereature Range


Tempereature Resolution


Constant Temperature Fluctuation


Reaching Vacuumed Degree


Ambient Temperature


Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Object Bracket (standard)



Wookroom Material

Stainless steel plate

Timing Range

1-9999 minutes

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