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Shanghai linpin instrument stock co., ltd established in 1998 and 18 years from now on. In the competitive market environment ,Linpin is still maintained a good trend and own the largest production base in China experienced unknown process. Linpin is a only joint-stock high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and possess more than 30 patents,9 software copyrights and CE certification with independent import and export rights.

Rely on the customers’ trust and support, Linpin obtained an excellent grade. Insist on pursuing higher quality , meeting customers’ requirements and consummating products’ function when we successfully in researching UV weather aging test chamber. Currently, we provide consumer the third generation of UV weather aging test chamber.

UV weather aging test chamber is apply to test non-metal materials especially polymer materials’ performance of sunlight resistance and artificial sunlight. It is necessary to make weather resistance test. UV radiation in the sun especially the photochemical reaction caused by the short wave ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of the degradation of polymer materials. Linpin’s UV weather aging test chamber can simulate natural environment like 290nm~400nm UV radiation effectively. Besides, Linpin’s test chamber also can simulate the temperature, humidity, raining and any other factors could cause the physical change. Just a test chamber, user can make several kinds of test and no anxious.

 Shanghai petrochemical realize the point and cooperate with Linpin to make environment test. I believe in the experience of the forest frequency equipment production equipment advanced and easy use, the Shanghai Petrochemical and our cooperation will be wide.

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