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LinPin recommended LP / GDW series
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Functions: Sine wave, FM, frequency sweep, programmable, DF, logarithm, amplitude, max. acceleration, time control, 485 communication interface, simple constant amplitude, simple constant amplitude.
Vibration direction: 1: Vertical 2: Horizontal 3: Vertical + horizontal
Vibration waveform: Sine wave
Amplitude (adjustable range mmp-p): 0~5mm
Max. acceleration: <20g
Bench size: 50*50 cm
Load: 50Kg or 100Kg
Time control: Any time (sec) can be set.
Calculation formula:1g=9.8m/s2 Acceleration=0.002×f2×D (g) f = frequency (HZ) D = amplitude (p-p)
Model: Power supply frequency: 50HZ: L, HL
Frequency: 1-600HZ: P, HP, TP
Frequency: 1-5000HZ: T, HT, TT
Full-function computer control:  Including LCD computer and printer (The functions of control, storage, record and printing are available. (Optional)

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