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  Ambitious people are invited for the following positions: forest frequency of targeted, talented people ride in the world

  Human Resources E-mail:

  Engineers, sheet metal, welders:

  Job Description: Due to production needs, now recruiting engineers, welders and sheet metal several names, engaged in welding, cutting, sheet metal and assembly work, and needs to travel to complete the equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales service and so on. Specific requirements are as follows:

  1, with more than three years relevant work experience.

  2, hard-working, with professional ethics, subject to management.

  3, with the relevant certificate is preferred.

  4, and electrical knowledge to understand, with large, complex equipment installation experience is preferred.


  Job requirements: the need to understand the overall operation, usually dealing with accounting and reporting.

  1, full-time, 25 to 40 years of age;

  2, college degree or more, accounting graduate, there are accounting job card;

  3, accounting for more than five years work experience;

  4, proficient use of office software and financial software;

  5, strong sense of responsibility, working carefully, there is some communication skills;

  6, the Shanghai local accounts, married women

  Sales Clerk:

  Job requirements

  1 Gender: Female

  2, Age :20-26

  3, Education: college

  4, there is more than one year of the industry or related industry sales experience;

  5, with good quality and strong communication skills. Able to adapt to intense work environment, able to adapt to frequent travel.

  Mechanical Engineers:

  Job requirements: 1, mechanical manufacturing and automation related professional college education;

  2, able to skillfully use Offices, Photoshop office software, operating software AutoCAD drawing. Proficient use of Sokidworks, Pro / E software is preferred three-dimensional;

  3, can skillfully manage internal and external documents received from the issue; have some language skills; can manage files, documents, external documents, drawings, technical information and to complete other tasks assigned by the leadership


  1, the familiar principle and use of product structure, scope, timely service in production, while sales to provide accurate product selection information or technical support;

  2, mechanical drawings in the product or process audit proofing, product drawings and technical information for the collation;

  3, have a good logical thinking, understanding, communication and coordination, good professionalism.

  Administrative personnel in charge:

  Requirements: 1 Bachelor degree or above, more than two years relevant work experience;

  2, familiar with administrative work, able to handle internal and external administrative matters;

  3, familiar with the employment system and social security and other handling process, familiar with performance evaluation model to understand the labor and personnel policies;

  4, familiar with a variety of office software and office equipment;

  5, there is a strong ability to work independently and interpersonal coordination, work carefully, clarity and strong, practical, hard-working;

  6, honest, responsible, proactive work.


  1, responsible for office supplies (equipment) purchase, maintenance, management

  2, responsible for daily administrative logistics management and liaison of Foreign Affairs

  3, to assist in staff recruitment for hiring, separation procedures

  4, to assist in employee benefits, training, performance appraisal, etc.

  5, to help deal with other related work

  6, the lead in organizing the work of others.

  Production Engineer:

  Requirements: 1, manufactured enclosure drawings fully familiar with and use.

  2, the enclosure in the production process to monitor the installation and wiring.

  3, after the completion of the enclosure for drawing self-test.


  1, to correct and comprehensive understanding of the principles of production drawings.

  2, proficient in CAD drawings, familiar with electrical automatic control system.

  3, can be hard work, study the spirit of strong, able to love and dedication.

  4, with a careful, meticulous work style

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