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  Cooling water can be from any source, but the following basic requirements are needed:

  1. Water should be clean.

  2. Water temperature should be between 5 and 30°C.

  3. The pressure delta between the inlet and outlet should be 207-275kPa.

  4. The flow rate specified for the equipment must be available at all times.

  Because the quantity of water required is too expensive to draw from a city water system and dump down the sewer without recirculation (and possibly illegal), most customers select external cooling systems, sold and installed by other suppliers, that re-circulate the water. This is especially beneficial when more than one system is involved, as one cooler can handle multiple systems. There are two types of coolers:

  Evaporative coolers (Cooling Towers) which use the evaporation of a water spray to cool the re-circulating water. This method still consumes some water via the evaporation and cannot cool to lower temperature.

  Chilled coolers, which use a refrigeration system to cool the water. This system then uses an air cooled condenser to expel the heat outdoors.

  Either system may use ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) mixed with the water to extend the temperature range of the cooling loop, mostly to avoid freezing. The use of anti-freeze makes the cooling less efficient, which means a higher overall flow rate is required.

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